"How to cut costs, Guarantee more direct 
online orders and improve your profits
...Without cutting any corners"

Here's what you'll learn and get access to

  • How to generate extra takeaway direct orders with your own branded Consistent system
  • How to at last build your own brand in 2022
  • Discover how to remind your customers to order again with easy, instant sms messages
  • ​It's true: You will get more orders and pre-orders at just 6% commission
  • ​You'll build your own customer list and owner equity
  • ​How to Leverage and Maximise a "Communications Strategy" with Customers & leave no stone unturned for repeat Orders.

Check out some of our customers & videos 

Andover Tandoori in the last 2 months have over 500 app downloads and generated £10,000 in revenue through the online ordering 

indi's customers love the app and refer to friends and family.

The 2 key features are the pre-order system that works even when indi's is closed and also the geography radius that's easy to set up.

Mumbai Brasserie knows that every order counts in this difficult economy and the pre-order feature is a winner who to never lose a customer. 

  • Fully branded online ordering website
  • Full sales report and dashboard
  • ​Fully automated customer loyalty program
  • ​Unlimited push notifications
  • ​Build your own customer database

About Us

We help you to unleash the power of digital media for your restaurant including Google, Facebook and Instagram. Our aim is to help you migrate those customers using 3rd party ordering apps that charge such huge commissions so that you can save money and make more money.


I’ve been involved in client retention programmes and services for almost 10 years, in multiple industries. In that time, my team and I have helped 100s of clients to save/make a combined millions of revenue utilising breakthrough, innovative and cutting edge 21st century technology, together with good old fashioned sincerity and warm customer conversations. 
With intense competition everywhere, the business that wins is the business that retains the most customers by truly servicing those customers with personal, ongoing communications, irresistibly created offers and timely news they can benefit from. 

And the truth is, it’s not the customer who has to remember to come in or create the conversation; it’s up to us, you and me, the pub and restaurant, to keep in regular and continual touch with our customers. 
Without doubt, I’ve found there is incredible power and positioning when strategic retention communications are systematised, timely and sincere in their messaging. That’s what the Magnetic Takeaway programme can do for you also. 
This is the foundational structure to create lifelong, valued customers.